Below you can find the list of poster presentations.



Poster number Main Author, title
Theme: Coal Geology & Geochemistry    
P.1.1 Sanja Vranjes-Wessely, Pore-structural evolution of coals: Insights from high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and gas sorption
Theme: Coal Combustion
P.2.1 Konrad Babul, Analysis of ignition condition for coal and biomass particles in O2/CO2 atmosphere
P.2.2 Ayuba Danmangu Mangs, Combustion profiles: A tool for characterization of the coal within the Benue Trough of Nigeria, West Africa
P.2.3 Haoquan Hu, Preparation of Red Mud Based Sorbents and the Application on Removal of Elemental Mercury in Flue Gas
P.2.4 Dorota Makowska, Distribution of Hg, As, Pb and Tl in the process of lignite 
P.2.5 Nozomu Sonoyama, Simple method for estimating a grinding rate constant distribution by a standard HGI mill
P.2.6 Munehiro Uchida, Study of low-temperature oxidation of coal using isotope oxygen
Theme: Coal Pyrolisis and Gasification


Haiquan An, Experimental Study of the Flat-Flame Pulverized Coal Gasification Technology
P.3.2 Xi Cao, Effect of water vapor on slag viscosity of high silicon-aluminum coals under gasification condition
P.3.3 Mo Chu, Effects of occurrence mode on release behavior of Pb in low rank coal
P.3.4 Xinhui Fang, Effect of mixing rffinate of coal liquefaction residue to pulverized coal on dense phase pneumatic conveying at high pressure
P.3.5 Martin Graebner, A model-based fuel blending tool for gasification: FuALadvisor 2
P.3.6 Haoquan Hu, Integrated Process of Coal Pyrolysis with Steam Reforming of Ethane for Tar Production
P.3.7 Wang Li, Analysis of O-containing functional groups’ compounds in coal-based crude oil by GC×GC-MS/FID
P.3.8 Yui Numazawa, Numerical Simulation of Mass Transfer with Chemical Reaction in Lump Coke with Actual Structure and Its Validation
P.3.9 Evrim Örs, A model-based fuel procurement tool for gasification:  FuALadvisor 1
P.3.10 Grzegorz Tomaszewicz, Pressure gasification of brow coal as a first step of liquid fuel obtaining  - LIG2LIQ Project
P.3.11 Meijun Wang, Sulfur directional regulation during pyrolysis of coal blend with high organic-sulfur coking coal and high volatile gas coal
P.3.12 Yonggang Wang, Investigation on NH3 and HCN formation during steam and carbon dioxide gasification of char
P.3.13 Jing Zhang, Low-oxygen lignite char production for hydrogasification to produce SNG
P.3.14 Lingmei Zhou, Comparison study on the release behavior of As and Hg in two Chinese low rank coal
Theme: Low Rank Coal
P.4.1 Doris Gross, Organic petrological and geochemical characterization of jet samples from Upper Cretaceous Gosau sediments in the Lauferwald Area (Austria)
P.4.2 Kazuki Hashimoto, Effects of coal properties and storage environments on water in coal
P.4.3 Koki Ikeda, Low temperature oxidation of coal under humid atmosphere
P.4.4 Shibiao Ren, Fractional preparation and characterization of the thermal extracts from the lignite  with assist of ultrasound
P.4.5 Yonggang Wang, Migration and transformation of heteroatoms during direct liquefaction of low rank coal under mild conditions
Theme: Coke, Coal Tar, Coal Combustion Products (CCP)
P.5.1 Jung-Chul An, FT-ICR MS Analysis of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds in Coal Tar Used for Needle Coke Production
P.5.2 Dorota Czarna-Juszkiewicz, Comparison of the mineral composition of X Zeolites obtained from coal fly ash using KOH and NaOH hydroxides in hydrothermal synthesis
P.5.3 Jieying Jing, Naphthalene hydrogenation saturation over Ni2P/Al2O3 catalysts synthesized by thermal decomposition of hypophosphite
P.5.4 Zhiping Lei, Preparation and characterization of coal tar-based films
P.5.5 Zhiping Lei, Study on NO in situ reduction during coke combustion
P.5.6 Zhicai Wang, Effects of water on the association performance of coal liquefaction heavy products
P.5.7 Yuxin Yan, Blast furnace coke substitutes from Victorian lignite
P.5.8 Ying Zhou, Hard Carbon Derived from Coal Liquefaction Residue as Anode for High Capacity Sodium Ion Battery
  Theme: Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilisation and Storage
P.6.1 Paweł Gładysz, An comprehensive assessment of an integrated biomass-fired CHP plant with CO2 capture and storage
P.6.2 Esperanza Ruiz, Enhanced catalytic hydrogenation technologies for fuel production by coal-derived CO2 utilization
P.6.3 Marcelina Sołtysik, Physico-chemical properties bio-based adsorbents
Theme: Biofuels


Aleksandra Debowska, Impact of biomass ash and sewage sludge ash composition  on high temperature
P.7.2 Johnson Ho Lau, Non-Conventional Drying Strategies for Biomass Densification
P.7.3 Małgorzata Sieradzka, Characterisation of mineral matter in biomass
P.7.4 Orla Williams, Co-Combustion Potential of Bagasse and Sugarcane Straw for Bioenergy Applications
Theme: Environmental Issues
P.8.1 Piotr Bochenek, Influence of electricity and cement production on anthropogenic mercury emission in Poland
P.8.2 Paweł Gładysz, Added value of CO2 utilization and storage in CO2-Enhanced Geothermal Systems
P.8.3 Yongkang Lv, Bacterial communities shift of anode chamber in a MFC using nitrate as bio-cathode electron acceptor
P.8.4 Rafał Panek, Sorption characteristic of SO2 adsorbents prepared from fly ashes of different origin and CaSO4 •0.5H2O/Ca(OH)2 mixture
P.8.5 Sandra Rodríguez Sánchez, Removal of elemental mercury from flue gases using magnetic activated carbons derived from chestnut industrial wastes
P.8.6 Pelayo Tomillo, Environmental issues associated to the handling of coal and related materials for more than 150 years on the Asturian Coast (NW Spain)
Theme: Circular Economy / 0 Waste Emission
P.9.1 Begoña Ruiz, From biocollagenic wastes of the leather industry to sustainable activated carbons in the H2S removal from gas stream. Prospects in a circular economy scenario